Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I Watch, or Some Altogether Random TV Related Thoughts

Just some random TV musings that came to mind over the past few minutes, I mean days...


Merle has now permanently attached a big-ass blade to his right stump. Yes, he still has his left hand for wiping and jerking (probably like having a new girlfriend), but isn't that a major hazard when sleeping?

Also, could someone ascertain once and for all if there's running water or not in the prison? Using the internet chatter as a barometer, one would think there isn't, yet I recall members of the Rick-tatorship talking about finally showering, and there was that scene when Rick had a momentary lapse of sanity post-phone conversation with Dead Lori -- when he arrived as fresh and clean as new-fallen snow. I say there is.


I'm a big fan of Kevin Spacey AND Don Cheadle. Both are whip smart guys with oodles of charm. Yet for some reason, while I enjoy Spacey breaking the 4th wall with his constant asides to the viewing audience in HOC, I can't STAND when Cheadle does the same thing on HOL. Then again, HOC is far better written with characters and stories that actually seem remotely plausible, whereas I don't believe anybody or anything in the 3 episodes I've watched of HOL.

It's a little like comparing BREAKING BAD to WEEDS. Actually, it's a LOT like that...


Just realized that Ann's daughter is the same actress that was Andrea's sister in season 1 of The Walking Dead. So she's used to being around creepy cadaverous things that chomp their way through everything. Must have been a relief to Judith Light. Light chews up more scenery than a horde of termites set loose in a redwood forest. I hear she's actually a well respected theater thespian, but she makes American Horror Story's Jessica Lange look understated.


Since Season Three ended, I've witnessed more than a few internet arguments about Lady Mary. Her detractors and defenders rave on with equal furor, and I've waded through ten thousand paragraphs only to see the sides come to a stalemate of A2D. Though I'm rarely one to make a concise point, it all seems rather simple to me.

Lady Mary is a bitch. That's all. Not bitch with a capital "B" -- that's reserved for people like Mrs. O'Brien or the late Vera Bates. She's simply a little "b" bitch.  

Little "b" bitches can be perfectly nice and sweet around the right people -- those that they cherish in their lives. But the poor slobs they have no use for, those they have little liking, compassion or understanding for -- then it's twist the key and let the nastiness spill forth. 


A likable but entirely forgettable little sitcom. And by forgettable, I don't merely mean it's a piece of fluff that leaves my brain five minutes after watching it. I consistently NEVER remember to record it on my DVR. Maybe my subconscious has better taste than my conscious mind. When my memory does kick in, I assume I do the same thing as millions of other people: I pretend Monica Bing died from some plastic surgery gone horribly wrong (see COUGAR TOWN), and Chandler changed his name and is now a sports talk show host.  Watch GO ON that way and it's already leaps and bounds better than JOEY.  

I could write much, much more, but then I'd be saying far, far less.



    It's been pointed out to me that we see the Governor disarm Merle, taking the blade away -- early in S3. But I'm referring to when Merle has reached the prison and is just hanging out, chewing the fat while going through an entire roll of duct tape to re-install his stiletto hand. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through if you might be taking a siesta within a few hours.

    In any case, my comment is meant to be more cheeky than accurate anyways.

  2. "Lady Mary is a bitch. That's all. Not bitch with a capital "B" -- that's reserved for people like Mrs. O'Brien or the late Vera Bates. She's simply a little "b" bitch."

    Hahaha, I can't speak for the other shows because I don't watch them, but that's a pretty accurate description. I do have House of Cards on my list though.

  3. In a real apocalypse the water would cease pumping into towns and cities within a week... so there's that. These real world rules probably don't apply in Televisionville though of course.