Monday, December 22, 2014

This Doesn't Mean That

Just because I’m sickened and angered by police brutality and its tragic consequences, doesn’t mean I’m against cops.

Just because I’m horrified and shocked by the escalation of rhetoric to violence, doesn’t mean I’m against protesting injustice.

Just because I would like to see the murderers and thugs of ISIS wiped off the face of the earth, doesn’t mean I'm anti-Muslim.

Just because I don’t think Christian dogma has a place in politics or public education, doesn’t mean I'm anti-Christian.

Just because I understand the Israeli point of view and am saddened by the horrors they’ve dealt with, doesn’t mean I'm anti-Palestine.

Just because I can sympathize with the Palestinian point of view and am nauseated by the carnage they’ve suffered through, doesn’t mean I'm anti-Israel.

Just because I may not follow a specific faith or share your view of God and the universe, doesn’t mean I'm anti-religion.

Just because I feel there needs to be a complete overhaul of this nation’s policies regarding its borders and related laws, doesn’t mean I'm anti-immigration.

Just because I think there needs to be far stricter regulations for firearms and any other weapon designed specifically to kill, doesn’t mean I want to take YOUR guns away.

Just because I think there is too much attention paid to too many people saying too many stupid things, doesn’t mean I want to take away YOUR right to speak freely.

Just because I’m often troubled by the actions of our country on the world stage, doesn’t mean I’m anti-American.

Just because I may disagree with some decisions made by elected officials, doesn’t mean I’m anti-government.

Just because I may marvel at some of the undeniable idiocy spouted out by several prominent right-wingers, doesn’t mean I’m anti-Republican.

Just because I may roll my eyes or cringe at some of the utter stupidity spewed out by some leading left-wingers, doesn’t mean I’m anti-Democrat.
Just because I don’t choose to comment about an issue in the social media, doesn’t mean I have no opinion.

Just because one has an opinion on an issue, doesn’t mean it always needs to be posted or tweeted.

Just because we disagree about something, it doesn’t mean that only one of us is right.

Unless it’s about TV. Because then I am always right.