Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Blog: Seat Fillers, Place Holders and Time Killers

Life is a series of seat fillers, place holders and time killers.  The key is to keep each of these to a bare minimum.

A few of you read that and thought: "Say, that's actually somewhat profound.  Maybe a tad bit obvious, but sage words regardless."

I'd guess the rest of you are thinking: "Really?  This is the sort of moronic drivel he's gonna blog about?  If I wanted to read crap like this, I wouldn't toss away my fortune cookies after my chicken with broccoli."

Whichever way you may feel (and trust me, I know all about tossing cookies), this blog is a microcosmic example of my first sentence.  When I decided late last night to finally join the thirty-five million bloggers around the world (I totally made up that number), I had a specific article in mind. Hell, half of it was already written and waiting to be unleashed into the inter-web-ular ozone. But there was only one teensy tiny problem: regardless of being brilliant or boring, concise or endless, there was one thing I simply KNEW it wasn't:  

It wasn't the stuff "first blogs" are made of.

Being someone who tends to the obsessive side of things, not to mention it being the wee hours of the night, that realization stopped me cold. Half a box of Wheat Thins and three hours of sleep later, I sat down with one gnawing notion.  

Damn it, I need to write a genuine "My First Blog".

My first thought started off with the words "please allow me to introduce myself".  For ten seconds, I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat (most likely due to a contact high from that freaky caterpillar). Then I shook it off.  I can't spit on the likes of Robert Zemeckis for choosing the most obvious of songs for his movie soundtracks (such as "Sympathy for the Devil") and then turn around and do the same so-on-the-nose-there's-blood-gushing-out-of-it thing.

But cheesy and obvious blog titles aside, did I really need to "introduce myself"? Chances are most people who read this already KNOW me, although very few might know me all THAT well.  And how revelatory and confessional would I want such a journal to be?  Is this meant to be a series of cathartic releases where I write the words I haven't the courage to discuss? Or will I prefer to be skating on the icy veneer of the trivial, gliding along the slick surface of entertainment and pop culture with pithy commentary festooned with words both big and coarse as fuck (there's one)?

In all honesty, I don't really know.  But that's my fall-back answer to many things.  

Here's what I DO know:

While I can foresee that some of my blog posts will be auto biographical in nature, I'm not going to start things off with any sort of blow-by-blow accounting of my life up until this moment.  Over time, most things make their way to the surface, be it treasure or trash.  I suspect that will be the case here as well.  So interspersed between my observations about film, television, music, sports, "the news of the day" and so on...I'll probably talk here and there about my ongoing journey to becoming a screenwriter (stop groaning...STOP GROANING, I SAY) as well as other aspects (both good and bad) of what makes me, well...ME.

It's unlikely that any topic will end up being off-limits.  Be it relationships, occupations or just a bad movie I watched late last night...everything is potential fodder.  Seat fillers, place holders and time killers: they're the stuff LIFE is made of, and the stuff of this, my first blog.

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